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Line Thickness won't go below 0.18mm, WHY?

Question asked by Jason Tanski on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Jason Tanski

I am trying to format a SolidWorks drawing template for the company i am interning for and we currently use AutoCAD for all of our drawings and have a very precise look to the way we want it to look. I am trying to get the dimension lines and part lines to be of the same thickness. I have looked through all the settings and properties regarding line thicknesses and everywhere i go it says "please enter a thickness of of greater or equal to 0.18mm" but i need to be smaller to make it look more like the AutoCAD drawings we have. 


Is there a way i can make the thickness smaller? if i can not change the thickness any smaller in the Solidworks program view then can i somehow change how thick the lines will print? like set a percentage of how thick each color or layer prints at? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated