Marc Bissell

Do you need a SOLIDWORKS CAM post processor for your CNC machine?

Discussion created by Marc Bissell on Jun 25, 2019

A new Post Processor Library is now available for SOLIDWORKS CAM post processors! These post processors are FREE OF CHARGE and are available to all SOLIDWORKS CAM resellers and end-users. Search filters have been provided to make it easy to search and find the post processor for your specific CNC machine. Be sure to read the disclaimer and use caution when proving-out post processors, remember… Safety First!


The source files for the post processors are also included with the download to make it easier to customize the post to match the exact format required for your machine. If changes to the post processor are required, please contact your SOLIDWORKS CAM reseller for customization services.


The post processors in the library for CNC mills are for 3 axis machining and several also include 4 & 5 axis indexing (or pre-positioning) for 3+2 machining using SOLIDWORKS CAM Pro. Post processors for CNC lathes (turning) and CNC routers are also included in the library.

 Link to new Post Processor Library: