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Is there a way to make all BOM balloons the same size?

Question asked by Tim Treybal on Jun 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2019 by Jonathan Albert

I've tried different balloon settings but not one that makes balloon circles maintain the same size diameter whether it is a single digit or a double digit.  Yes, I am that fussy.  :-)

I go through a view and change the padding on the double digit balloons to closely match the default for single digits.  This in itself, even with Format Painter's help, is a chore.  Plus, if parts are added or deleted and I resort the BOM table by part name, a 9 becomes a 10 but now squeezed into a small balloon because of the padding setting.  More editing!


Is there a setting to maintain the same balloon size diameter for single & double digits?



Padding changed to .09 to match single digit balloon