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How to call for the drawing of how to assemble a kit?

Question asked by Andy Casper on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by Andy Casper

I have a kit of parts that can be assembled in the field in 2 distinct variations depending on the customer's equipment.  I would like to include the drawing showing the 2 exploded configurations and the BOM in the kit without adding another layer/part number calling the kit parts as 1 line item and the drawing as another.  I also do not want to create a circular reference.  The reason I do not want to add a layer, or create a PDF under another part number is that I would like to not have to worry about updating in 2 places should something ever change in the BOM or on the drawing.


I've had to include documentation before, but it is normally a separate document that has a part number, for example a manual, however this is different.  I think that this needs to be handled on the ERM side, but if there is a way to handle it from the SolidWorks side I would like to know.


Has anyone else figured out a correct way to do this?  If so please elaborate.