Update Existing or Clean Install

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 11, 2006
I'd say it's BETTER to do an uninstall and a fresh reinstall. It could be less problematic when done, although I can't name any specific issue that has ever been pinned on an upgrade.

However, it's also HARDER because:
-You'll want to uninstall via 2006 image and batch file (actually quite easy)
-You may want to mess around with peoples registries remotely (easy but dangerous- I suggest you export anything you delete into a .reg file during the batch operation!)
-People will lose their settings and complain about having to re-set-up (unless you copy their settings beforehand and reinstate them afterwards, but this isn't much different than an upgrade then!)

I chose the upgrade route here (8 floaters among 16 users), mostly because it's easier while I learned my way around image install and upgrade operations. People liked that everything was exactly as they left it, so that's good. Maybe next time I'll work up the nerve to do a full uninstall and fresh install, but there were plenty of quirks (mostly with addon products like Explorer, eDrawings, COSMOS, PDMWorks, etc) that made a simple upgrade via batch file difficult. You may want to read my Oct 3 "Installing from Command Prompt" topic for ramblings on that topic... Good luck!