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Routing Library

Question asked by Sandip Darveshi on Apr 9, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2009 by Merry Owen
Hi All,

My company is working with an ISO standards, and all the instruments or library provided in solidworks routing is with American standards. Lets take an example of pipe, all the specifications of the same in BOM comes in inches. But my company wants it in either mm. or Nominal Bore size(NB).

Solidworks should provide the library with an ISO standards also.

Now in front of me is a big issue that my libray is with an American standards and I want all specifications in BOM with an ISO standards. I had already gone through the preparation of very huge assemblies containing 5000 or more components in single assembly.

So is there any shortcut to get all the component specifications in BOM according to ISO?

Please help me in this regards.

If you can suggest me anything then please do reply.

Thanks and Regards