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Topography Map 2D to 3D

Discussion created by Milos Stancic on Jun 20, 2019
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Hey everyone,


I have a topo map in autocad. I've imported that 2D CAD file as a sketch and created a bunch of layers (planes) and just used convert entities to make every line a sketch on a right plane (refer to attachment). I would like to make a 3D surface out of it.


What is the easiest way of doing this ?


It doesn't even nececerily have to be a SW solution, if you know of any other software that can make a 3D model out of 2D topography I'd appreciate it.


I am mostly interested in easiest way of converting a 2D topo map to 3D surface.


I am using SW 2018 SP5.0. 


Thank you all.