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how to find the Drag coefficient on a 5000 mm height tower which is built with L sections profiles. please let know the procedure. Model attached below.

Question asked by Naga Gopal on Jun 20, 2019

Please go through given data. 

Model 5:

Size: L angle 4000x3583 mm 5000mm height         Input Data: General Settings

Wind Velocity in X Direction = 50M/S.

Pressure- 1500 Pa, Density 1.2kg/m^3


Computational Domain Size:

 Default Size in all Directions


 (based on the drag equation)



For surface goals, Selected all exposed faces of model into X direction wind flow.

Applied Equation:

({GG Force 1} *2)/ (1.2*50^2) *(5.2971)

({SG Force 1} *2)/ (1.2*50^2) *(5.2971)


Standard Values:  Cf – 3.2 (Standard Values Reference from IS 875)

Standard code from IS 875 Link ( Page no:44, 45, Table no: 25


Achieved Values:

Cd1: 0.215 (GG)

Cd2: 3.2061 (SG)


Please let me know the process to do, does solidworks can find the drag coefficient for this kind of models ? if yes. please let me know how to go on with this.