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Question asked by Matt Juric on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by Matt Juric

Before I head into the weeds with design checker I wanted to get some feed back on whether what I would like to do was possible and or if people had better ideas.


I've looked at design checker and it seems rather straight forward that it can check for basic general things like Constraints, dangling dimensions and other general "Errors". Although less straight forward, and I could be wrong on this, it seems possible to check for other issues like missing notes, items like "Drawn by" not filled out etc. However is it possible at all to connect design checker to a "Check List" or is there a better way to accomplish something like that?


What I'm looking for is to create a "List of things that should have been done". For parts for instance "Tolerances checked", "Stack up Completed" and so on. In the perfect world before the "Checked by" can be filled in and displayed the checklist would have to be completely checked off.


So in the perfect world I would run design checker on a drawing. It would check a bunch of mundane things, "Material Entered", "Notes applied" and then "Check list filled out". Obviously if any of these things have not been done an error pops up.


I have no idea if this can be done...which is why I'm asking.