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Running a evaluation design study from a nonlinear displacement controlled simulation

Question asked by George Anderson on Jun 20, 2019



I am currently using Solidworks 2018 Student Edition to perform some optimisation on a bi-stable structure I am developing. I have designed the structure and am wanting to optimise 3 of the geometric variables (something such as "arm angle") to achieve the greatest degree of bi-stability with the minimum input force. To do this I have been running non-linear studies with displacement control to explore the force that is needed to push part of the structure to a new position. I then look at the time-history plot to look at how the force needed changes with the displacement of the part of the structure. 


I am now hoping to perform an evaluation design study in which I run through each combination of the three variables I am looking to optimise (in total 378 combinations) and examine the maximum and minimum forces required to move the structure in each combination. 


My question is, how do I best go about doing this? I can't find away to select, within a design study without optimisation (so no goal is needed) how to monitor the force required at each point in the displacement time history for each combination. Also whenever I try to perform any design study using this nonlinear model I just get "data not available) as the answer regardless of what I try to do.


Any help would be very very much appreciated. Please do let me know if anything needs clarifying.


TL;DR - how do I monitor a simulation variable (such as force required for displacement) over the time-history of a non-linear displacement controlled study in a design study?


Thank you