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Attaching Balloon to Sheet Metal Flat Pattern

Question asked by Jamie Starkey on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by Frederick Law


Hi all,


Any help would be much appreciated.


As described in the title, I seem to have developed a problem attaching balloons to Flat Pattern profiles created within a multi-body SLDPRT file. I say developed because I recently upgraded to 2019 and that's about when the problem started to happen, whereby balloons attached to flat patterns would only return the default Item number '1', rather than be linked to the highlighted table (how it used to work). I work around it by forcing the balloons to be a text input but this isn't ideal.


It is isolated to the flat pattern views. For instance, I can attach balloons to any of the other views and they stay relevant to the highlighted table (which originates from the hidden view isometric). You can see the isolated Item 3 returns the correct number. This is a sheet metal item with, obviously, no bend information.


I'm using a Weldment Cut List table to generate the table but get the same result using a BOM list with Detailed/Flat numbering.


I'm aware generating the Flat Pattern profiles creates a new configuration within the part, so wonder if it's something to do with this? Or perhaps something I'm doing wrong along the way?


Again, any help would be appreciated.