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Product based ePDM folder structure

Question asked by Vaidotas Juozapavicius on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by Tim Webb

Our company produces electric heater. There are few main product lines (rectangular duct heater, round duct heaters, etc.). Each line has up to 300 different configurations (size, power, control type, etc.). Main sub-assembly of heater is housing. It has separate project and ERP number. Housing is made of 10-15 sheet metal parts and assembled so it is semi-finished assembly. Also there are sheet metal parts that depends on heater configuration (for example lid - some are blank and some have hole for thermostat). Is it semi-finished part. It also has separate ERP number. We select housing assembly, lid part + all other components (mainly purchased) in the top bom of the heater.

My questions are:

What would be best folder structure and numbering system for this kind of product?

Is it good idea to make separate main folders for housing and lid projects?

Is it smart to name these folders using numbers to indicate product level (for example 9 for top assemblies, 8 - for semi-finished sub-assemblies, 7 - for semi-finished parts, etc)?

I would be very grateful if you shared you experience.