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Spline: Is there a way to change the endpoints of spline to another point?

Question asked by Aaron Zheng on Jun 18, 2019
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Recently, I have created a closed contour consisting of two parallel lines joined by a spline, as shown here, similar to my last question:

 Right now, the spline endpoints are coincident with the lines. The sketch is closed by lines on the top and bottom, and splines on the right and left. However, I need parts of the spline to be a line for a little while on both the right and left, such that I can extrude the part and include motor holes and make it easier to insert screws and holes, as a straight body will be the most ideal for screws. 

I deleted the coincident relation and all possible distance relations that could be constraining the endpoint of my spline, and I tried to move it. However,  when I try to move the spline point off the line, I still cannot do it.


In this situation, how can I effectively move the endpoints of the spline to other points in the sketch?


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