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How should I disable the mate feature?

Question asked by Minkyu Bae on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by Md Sobug Mia

I was using solidworks 2016 for past few year and just updated to solidworks 2017

And there are some feature that is added to 2017 version (Picture below), but it annoys me, so I'm wondering if I can disable this feature. update.



For example, the picture below is default state without any mate.


default state


On Solidworks 2016 (Picture Below), when I mate two face, it just made those two face coincident without changing any location except I mated.

Solidworks 2016


Solidworks 2017, it automatically relocate them to the point where I pick on the faces.


Solidworks 2017



Because of this, I need to drag those two apart and if this becomes hundreds of parts. It is waste of time.


So are there any option that I can disable this feature?