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    Surfacing topology

    Kevin De Smet
      I have a question about surfacing, is it a good practice to stick to creating 3-sided and 4-sided patches or is there no real harm in creating a single complex surface often generated with a loft.

      I've found 4-sided patches to be very convenient and quite malleable for making edges tangent or curvature continous.

      Is there any truth to my feelings about trying to stick to 4-sided surfaces?
        • Surfacing topology
          Charles Culp
          I will do both. Typically, however, I will stick with 4-sided patches created with boundary-surface for the important surfaces. If you are then "filling in" between those main surfaces and end up with 3, or 5, or 9 sides, a fill works just fine. Often when I want to make a well controlled 5-sided surface I will see if there is a way I can make it with an over-sized 4-sided boundary, and then trim to make it 4 sides.

          Avoid creating a 3-sided face, even with loft or boundary. Only create 3-sided faces with fill.