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Riddle Me This........... Colour Issue.........????

Question asked by Dave Bear on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Edward Poole

Hi Folks, 


I am having an annoying and constant issue that I can't find the cause of. If I apply the same std appearance (e.g. "solid, yellow" from library) to two different types of parts I get two totally different shades. For example, if I apply the appearance to any form of structural member (weldment), I get this very 'bright' yellow, which is what I actually want.


But if I create a custom solid of any form (non structural-weldment) and apply the exact same appearance I end up with more of a 'mustard' looking yellow like so....


Now it doesn't matter what appearance is applied, there is always a disparity between anything that I create using structural members in weldments and anything that is a custom solid. I have attached the examples in case anybody wants to see if there is anything obvious. 


On a side note, I'm hoping to be back on the net full time again by the weekend and to catch up with you all soon.

Best regards, gang