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Problems making surfaces from a 3d scan

Question asked by Peter Uttrup on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by Jesse Robbers

Hi Forum

I made a 3D scan of a Motor Cycle fairing and I want to model it up using surfaces in SolidWorks. I got a problem getting surfaces to blend together. Can anyone give me some advice?

The problem is that when I model it up the sifferent patches of the surface does not blend well together. Im using Boundary Surface and “Filled Surface” for the non 4 sided patches. When I can im using edges from earlier patches and using “Curvature” on these edges.

The problem is not really where the patches meet. More on the center of the patches. My splines are as simple as they can be without many handles.


Can anyone give some advice?




My procedure is/was:

I prepared the mesh and imported it using Scanto3d. It gave me an ok mesh to work with.
I started making 3D sketches of the outlineof the fairing.  Then added a lot of planes, and then sketching the outline of the fairing on the planes. This gives me a grid of splines on flat & 3D sketches that im surfacing on.  It works – except that the results are quite disappointing.

Picture 1.        Mesh data is gray.
Red is the upper fairingOnly 1 surface, and this is perfect.
Blue is patches of Surfaces

Picture 2.        Planes and Some Sketches of the fairing


Picture 3         Circled with yelow is the problem. Really bumpy surfaces. The problem is not visible on the upper blue patches, but it is also present there. But not as bad.
Adding guide curves does not help.


Picture 4         Curvature view.



P.S. Im going to 3d print a mold for a new headlamp assembly in the fairing. This is why I need to model the fairing.