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Is this possible? Multiple folders for same parts in different assemblies?

Question asked by Molly Galvin on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by Keaton Warn

So I have two related parts (part of same final assembly), each of which needs their own mold (part A and part B need molds, but they connect to part C). I like to keep separate molds in their own folders that include the assembly (Folder A would have part A, B, and C, but just the part A mold, and folder B would be the same, but with just the part B mold). Is there a way to create separate folders that each containing all of the parts, but not end up with error messages like "part is defined in the context of another assembly", etc.?

  • I'd like all of the parts in the folder (rather than excluding part A from folder B, etc.) so that if the folder needs to move it can be done easily.
  • They need to be separate folders for documentation and mold numbering purposes.
  • Want to make sure parts can update in the opposite folders so that previous versions of parts don't accidentally get used (not quite as important for part A and B since they are separate, but part C is important as it will correlate to both)

Is anything like this possible? Maybe there is something that exists that I'm just not familiar with...