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Solidworks with Cadlink and M1 ERP

Question asked by Darryl McPherson on Jun 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Andrew Schutte

Solidworks working CADLink and M1 ERP-

The challenge: Working with parts, with a single part number, of varying lengths; such as electrical wire or rolls of gaskets. One scenario might be a cable installed in some different models. There might be 30 feet in one model and 60 feet in another model. I could create a 30-foot model with one part number and a 60-foot part with another part number. But I'd rather use the same part number since they are both the same product. So:

1. How can a part have a varying length? I'm just used to parts that are "what they are", without varying.

2. How could CADLink see those parts?

3. How could ERP, say M1, provide a material request for 90'?

Another scenario may involve a gasket of varying lengths as different part numbers. Maybe 3' foot of gasket and 6' of the same gasket, with (2) different part numbers.

4. How can M1 be set up to request a purchase of 9' of one single particular part?