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How to preserve the offset between the assemblies when opening the STEP file in Solidworks?

Question asked by Swati Bhargava on Jun 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by Abilash V.

Below is the question related to : Zemax sample present in : Design Examples\Lens Systems\2- Biocular and Binocular Lenses  


What I did:

1.Exported the zemax multi-configuration model for binocular system (shown below in Zemax) as a STEP FILE.

2.Then, Open that STEP file in Solidworks


What I see:

When file is opened in Solidworks, the OFFSET present in the Zemax model between the 2 systems/assemblies  no longer exists.

My question is:
How to make sure the offset stays when I open the exported step file from zemax into solidworks?
Below are some snapshots:
Zemax: Original drawing
EXPORTING CAD file in Zemax, this step gives a STEP file which I can open in Solidworks.

Solidworks model below: Here we can see no offset  and can see that the two lenses just get merged.


So, in summary: I exported a Zemax multi-configuration model as a STEP file, so I can open it in Solidworks. But when the file opens up in solidworks, it is missing the desired offset between the two modeled systems which was present in Zemax model. Is there any setting I should be aware of while opening that STEP file in Solidworks, so I get the same model in solidworks as I see in Zemax.


Thank you for your help!