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deformation to dxf

Question asked by Steven Grondin on Jun 13, 2019

Hi everyone my name is Steven it's my first request here and i didn't find answer to my question for the moment. 

I need help about a static simulation study - 2D simplification. (I have SolidWorks Simulation Premium 2019)


- I want to know if it's possible to convert the stress and displacement final diagram to a dxf drawing. I have already try to convert jpg and png with illustrator to get dxf file but not enough precise for me. 


- I want to know too if it's possible to obtain a graph of a resulting forces (on a line or a surface) in function of the time. In my model i have an object that push on a rubber and i need to know the evolution of the resulting force (contact forces) during the period of the displacement of the object. For the moment i'd made a study to every mm and make a table on excel but want to know if it's possible. I remember that i've already find it for other simulation but in 2D simplification study i don't find the option any more.. 


Thanks in advance for your help