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Exploded View not expanding with 2D simplification simulation or in a simulation results plot?

Question asked by Adam Scheuman on Jun 13, 2019

I am trying to add the correct fixtures to my assembly for a 2D simplification simulation, but the exploded view does not expand when in the simulation, so I cannot apply the fixture onto the correct body. Anyone know of a solution/workaround?


Edit: The workaround that I used was to not do 2D simplification and do a cyclic symmetry fixture. With this setup, you can use the exploded view. However, if you must use 2D simplification, I still do not know of a fix for this problem.


Edit 2: After my simulation for an assembly using a cyclic symmetry fixture finished running, I noticed that the exploded view does not explode while looking at one of the results plots. I wanted to isolate one of the parts in the assembly for a stress plot, but I noticed the same issue happening where it does not expand. I'm guessing that these are probably related, having to do with the simulation side of SW.


(I'm currently using SolidWorks 2016 x64 SP1.0 if that could have an impact on this issue.)