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drawing references configuration that no longer exists

Question asked by Stephen Donelson on Jun 14, 2019
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The short version:  I have a drawing that references a few models that the drawing cannot find, the sheets with those views will not load.  I can open the drawing in quick view and load the other sheets, but the sheets with missing models get stuck on "Updating Boundingbox"


The long version:  Our PDM vault developed some nasty errors that our VAR could not resolve, so they sent the problem off to SW HQ, and the fix needs to be part of a service pack.  We don't really have time to wait on that, so we made a second vault, and made a pack n go of things we need to keep working on, and put that into the new vault.  Some of the parts are dummy parts to make special views on separate drawings, so those dummy parts did not get pulled into the pack n go.  We copied those separate parts over manually.


Now when I open the drawing, or load the sheets that have those parts, it gets stuck on "Updating Boundingbox".  I cant modify the sheet, or even delete and remake it (this is a simple sheet with 2 views and 3 notes).  I'd be happy fixing the views, or deleting the sheets, but restarting the whole drawing is a very poor option and shouldn't be necessary.