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Mapping Old File Properties

Question asked by Tom Strohscher on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by Sam Sam

We have just moved our data into PDM and I'm attempting to clean up data so we can search the data better.  We've used SW for some time and our custom properties have changed over the years.


We have several custom property names for the same thing depending on how old the file is.

When we set up the pdm variable mapping we choose the properties we use in our current templates.  These properties do not exist in our early SW files.  But the values did as a variation of the property name.


I can map  old and new properties to the same variable and the data card updates which is great for searching our data.

(Is this a bad idea for some unforeseen reason.)

If the data card is edited  both (old and new) custom properties are created in the file with the same value.

Not totally bad but understandable on old files.

What I don't like is a new file also gets the old and new custom properties.


Is there a way to not create the old custom property in new files?

Is there a way to tell the variable an attribute is read (file to variable) only.  (I don't want variable to file)

Or how do I get the old custom property without mapping to a variable?

Can dispatch or a workflow delete a custom property?

Any idea on how to get old custom property names matched to new property names? 

I believe I could create a macro to open each file and correct the property name but I'm looking for an easier way.

I really don't want to watch a program open every file.