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Add boundary condition or fluid domain to fluid volume only recognized by "Improved geometry handling" option.

Question asked by Ken Lux on Jun 12, 2019



SW 2018 SP5.0


I have a model that for no good reason cannot recognize a fluid volume unless I select the "Improved geometry handling" option.


However, I get errors when I try to add boundary conditions to lids that touch the fluid volume where it is only recognized by the "Improved geometry handling" option.  These fluid volumes appear to also not be able to be selected as a subdomain. If I select solid faces that touch these fluid volumes, I get an error message "Cannot find the faces associated with this item." but the flow simulation tree does not show this as an error.


It appears that there is no way to transfer the fluid volume calculated with the improved geometry handling option enabled from flow simulation to Solidworks.


The only documentation on the improved geometry handling option says that this option uses flow simulation's algorithm instead of solidwork's algorithm for finding fluid volumes.


What I think is happening is that the simulation is set up in SWX and the setup can only check for selections in the fluid volumes identified by SWX. Therefore, any boundary conditions, goals, or subdomains cannot be added to the fluid volumes that are identified by flow simulation, but not by SWX.


Can anyone verify this? This option is completely worthless if this is the case. Actually, it's less than useless as instead of fighting solidworks to recognize simple closed volumes, I've wasted time trying to apply BCs to a fluid subdomain that can't be recognized.