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restore external references

Question asked by Marek Petrzilka on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by Scott Lyon

Hi all, 

I'm seeking for your help with external references and how to restore them if they are lost / broken.
I have an assembly (with bottom part and cover of the device) in which I'm creating battery holder. I made master sketch in this assembly to drive position of batteries and shape of their holder. Everything worked fine...when I changed any dimension on master sketch than position of batteries and shape of holder was changed with no problem.

Than I created subassembly from holder and batteries which causes breaking of ext. references (sadly I realized that after it happened) so I canceled this subassembly and returned batteries and holder up to the main assembly.

Batteries restored their references with no problem (master sketch was used only to place mates) but the sketch of holder has lost all ext. references (used master sketch as reference geometry). It was like 7 references so I restored them manually.....but my question is:

Is there a way how to move part from assembly to subassembly without loosing ext. references OR is there a way how to restore lost references automatically????