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Export Macro for Solidworks

Question asked by Md Sobug Mia on Jun 12, 2019


I am using one of the best macros I ever found. The macro I am using to export my files is DocExport. It works for me well & I am using this macro daily.


I am not confirmed about the developer of this macro but he did a great job for me. I think Lenny is the great man did it. Am I right about the developer of this macro?


I need one more function/addition to be added what can help me a lot. Let us think we have a part containing 2 coordinate system. The direction of Z axis is different in 2 coordinate system.

What I expect, when I will run this DocExport macro, I will have a dropdown list or check box option to select available Coordinate system. Once I will select the desired coordinate system and export, the macro will export the part as my selected coordinate. Can anyone please help me? I have attached a picture describing my requirement.