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Cannot Add To Design Library - File Locations Accurately Routed?

Question asked by Jocelyn Erchul on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2021 by David Raymond

Hello Everyone -


I've established a Design Library that has been actively used by my office.


We recently implemented PDM, and although we had begun saving several projects in the vault, we'd kept templates/design library/etc. on our One Drive server. Now, I've started to slowly move these items into the vault, and have been troubleshooting them on my own system prior to changing file locations for the other users. 


I found out today that I am unable to save anything into the Design Library. I've double checked my System Settings/File Locations - and it's routed to the correct folder.. However, when I go to add something new to the library, my "Design Library Folders" box comes up completely blank. I'm unable to route to a specific file location, or even paste the location address into the box.



What's more confusing is that I'm able to access the design library through it's normal location on the "SolidWorks Resources" Pane. All of the individual notes and components work correctly, they just have the "this file is read only" dialog box popping up each time they're dragged into a drawing/model.



I am also unable to edit the existent components and re-save them, even though I've checked their properties-> attributes and checked "read only".  I'm also signed in as Admin.. so I'm not really grasping what's going on here.


Any help is greatly appreciated.