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Dispatch Script won't run if hard path listed

Question asked by Todd Becker on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by Sam Sam

Here is my issue....


I have two dispatch scripts set to run on ADD in two different folders. One of the folders is a CHILD to the other.

Result I am looking for:

  • Place PDF file in BOL directory and have it renamed to BOL - XXXXXX.PDF
  • Place PDF file in SIGNED BOLS directory and have it renamed to SIGNED BOL - XXXXXX.PDF


If I use WILDCARDS  for paths, when I drag a PDF into the SIGNED BOLS directory, it run the dispatch script for the BOL (parent directory) first then runs the dispatch script for the SIGNED BOLS directory.


I am not understanding why it doesn't work if I HARD CODE both of the paths into each dispatch script.


Right now with the way they are shown below, only the SIGNED BOL dispatch script executes.


If I have the path "hard coded" the script will not execute...


But if I use WILDCARDS it works fine....