Tom Gagnon

Links to Solidworks Knowledge Base within the software are broken

Discussion created by Tom Gagnon on Jun 11, 2019

I am running a Simulation in 2018 SP5. It is not defined correctly. This is the first time I've used Bolt connectors. I received this error message when running the simulation.

So I click the link. The page cannot be found. Here's result in Google Chrome.


So basically, because they moved resources, the links to these resources from within the software do not work.


Ref. installation 2018 SP5.

I assume that previous versions also have this issue. I hope that 2019 does not. I expect 2020 to not have these errors at all. Oh, change: how we deal with thee.


I will learn what needs done to proceed in my situation. Yes, I realize that my nuts and bolts are all loose (giggle), and will find reasonable values to apply. I can find the KB solution from its reference number. I don't expect all users to be that familiar with current changes.

This seems potentially much broader of a problem than my one error prompt. I'd expect all such cross-links from within the software to be broken similarly. Just an FYI, and not a question. Topic here is not my misconfigured simulation study, but the disconnected links within the UI errors.