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Flyout XYZ Dimension Box in 3D Sketch (or feature)

Question asked by Casey Balderson on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Artem Taturevych

Some would say I'm better with Microsoft Paint than I am at SolidWorks, but here's What I am trying to accomplish.

I want to create a 2x3 table with a leader attached to each point within a 3DSketch (or even as part of a macro feature with the absorbed 3DSketch) where you could select the cell and change the XYZ point real time. This would ideally constrain the dimension (like with the fixed constraint).

Here's a graphical representation of what I am trying to achieve, where the values could be changed in real time:

This would be very similar to the measure tool when you select two points, or the fillet tool when you have a "Multiple Radius" Fillet.

The idea is that instead of adding three "AddAlong<Axis>Dimension" to each point (which orients terribly, and has very little reference support), You would have one object that defines the point locations and defines them, or locks them in.

Right now, I have a VBA macro that plots the points from a form, but the only way I can constrain them is to fix said points. 

Any insight would be very helpful. I feel it would only be achievable through an Add-in, if at all, but I just wonder if I am overlooking the terminology to do this. I have dabbled in VB.NET standalones, and done many VBA Macros.

FYI, The application is a center-line sketch for a tube/pipe weldment.