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Multiple number per part Bug?

Question asked by Karl Håkon Skarbø on Jun 11, 2019


I need some help with an issue i can not understand. 

I got a serial number which will be used as "document number". which i would like to be on parts and configurations, even tho i work mostly in one part one configuration mode. Only utilizing configurations on library part. I am working on the PDM implementation in my firm, it is not yet released for other workers. 


All cases is the same file (for demonstration purposes), only one configuration, the start configuration.


Case 1 (-This is what i want basically )

   If i create a part in solidworks, it seems to work fine.  @ , Default and part file name get the same number, and i am happy. I can call out "document number" in $PRPSHEET and get the same value in drawings etc. 


Case 2 ( unacceptable )

   If i pull parts from my "desktop" in to my vault, suddenly i get a number in @ configuration and a new number in the "default" tab, filename is still the @ config number. resulting in two numbers ? This is annoying since these numbers get mixed up bad, drawings based on this file will get the filename after  @config and the $PRPSHEET link in the titleblock will pull the default number. 


Case 3 ( this is chaos )

   If i "copy tree" the file in vault, and rename the file to serial number (Have activated unique filename for all files, dont want duplicates) i get three numbers now ?? the filename,  @ and the default get a new number? resulting in a real cluster**** 


Does anyone know what to do ? i am clueless at the moment. See attached picture for details.