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Bezier problem

Question asked by Don Smith on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by Don Smith

I made a sketch in solidworks  which I saved as a DXF  because DXF is what my Laser cutter accepts

As well as loading it in my laser I sometimes improt it into inkscape to set the colours of the lines to Red and Blue

My laser knows to engrave blue lines and cut red ones

Every thing is fine unless I use a bezier curve in the sketch and then if I load it into the laser or into inkscape , it adds

an extra line , a straight line between the two ends of the bezier curve I cant of course leave this line in as the laser would treat it as a cut line . In inkscape I can select the whole drawing and do ungroup which seperates all the lines but sadly 

it wont ungroup the extra line from the bezier curve so I cant delete it , Does anyone know a way around this ?

I will try to add a picture pointing to the unwanted lines that solidworks seems to like adding

I indicated the nuisance lines with red pointers