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Is it possible for flow simulation to ignore centrifugal forces?

Question asked by David McCullough on Jun 10, 2019

I am trying to do what it now seems many have attempted in flow sim, but none have succeeded. Trying to simulate a rotating wind turbine blade. I have tried everything from external to internal flow to global rotating to local rotating to moving wall simulations, but nothing gives anything close to reality.


The internal local rotating somehow appears to give the closest hub torque value to rough hand calculations (1.1% difference), but the flow field makes absolutely no sense to reality. 


It seems internal global rotating would give good results, if it were possible to ignore centrifugal forces of the fluid. I'm sure this would affect vortices negatively, but perhaps the error induced by that would be minuscule enough to be insignificant.


Is there a checkbox or option anywhere to tell flow simulation to ignore centrifugal forces? Or some workaround?