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I want to fit a small sphere on the surface of a bigger sphere.

Question asked by Deepshikha Bhargava on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Peter De Vlieger

Hello everyone,


New to solidworks


I have a sphere of say 0.2 cm diameter, 0.005 cm thick, inside is hollow. I have another sphere of 0.01 cm diameter. I want to fit this sphere on the surface of the big sphere so that it goes half inside it and half above it.

I could do it by making a extrude cut on the big sphere surface and then placing the small sphere inside the big one.


But when i do this, as the bigger sphere has thickness, it kinda makes the hole non symmetric. By which when i insert the small sphere it intersects the bigger spheres interior surface.


Is there any way that I can fit the small sphere on the big sphere's surface so that it does not intersects its boundaries but touches it on its outer boundaries?