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Would DriveworkXpress work for making a empty part?

Question asked by Benjamin Nielsen on Jun 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by Benjamin Nielsen

I'm beginning to make use of DriveWorksXpress for some projects here at work and I'm wondering, when using the DropDown Menu option for a form, is there a limit to the amount of options? I ask because I'm looking to make a project to create an empty part that will carry certain custom properties to steamline the BOM process for my team. The list I have is about 900 options long. Or does someone have a better way I could approach this? What I have is  ~900 types of Laminate, 3 sheet sizes, and 3 finishes. I thought of a DT but that leads to such a huge amount of configs that our systems can't really process that without crashing SW.


Thank you!