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How can I save an imported solidbody STL file as STEP file

Question asked by Jafar Arash Mehr on Jun 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by Jafar Arash Mehr


I have a simple STL file which is a 3D mesh of a simple block created in ANSYS WORKBENCH. I want to import it as a solidbody file. I found a way how to do it by changing the import option as shown here:


I need to have the "Mesh body options", That is why I checked it as shown above. Here is the imported file:


Now I want to save it as STEP file:


I am getting this error:



I could not figure out what the problem could be as the geometry and mesh are both very simple. I was able to save it if I did not check the "Mesh body options". But I need to check this option for my application. 

Does anybody know how can I do it?