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Top level assembly will not rebuild with different configurations of subassemblies

Question asked by Chris Camadella on Jun 8, 2019

Hi all,


I have an issue where I can't get an assembly to ever rebuild so long as the subassemblies within it are different configurations of the same assembly.  I've looked at several forum entries about this, and I think I've distilled it to a very simple case - but it still doesn't rebuild.


The subassemblies (which are cabinets) rebuild perfectly, and use design tables at the assembly level in order to resize the component parts.  You can rebuild the subassemblies (BaseCab.sldasm) perfectly in all configurations.


As soon as I add two BaseCab assemblies to a master assembly, and make them have different configurations - I cannot ever rebuild the master assembly - the traffic light icons remain on.


This seems like a very simple issue - I would think this is a very common use case of design tables.