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Setting up heat radiation in a thermal study

Question asked by Denis Krylov on Jun 9, 2019

Dear All,


During simulations of vacuum thermal shields I have got a strange result.

Here is a simplified quasi 1D representation:

I have 4 brass plates:

   1. (on the left) - set to 300K 

   2. (large square one) - connected to number 4

   3. - floating

   4. - set to 4K

Thermal exchange is set as radiation between the plates (closed system, emissivity = 1). The whole system is defined as isolated.


In the picture the 2nd brass plate got warmed (to 5.7 Kelvin) by radiation from the left, which is logical.

However, I am confused with the temperature of the 3rd brass plate - 32 Kelvin.

It seems that the hot radiation is somehow reaching the 3rd brass plate.

Do you have any suggestions why?


Thank you,