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Balloon With Custom Property for Components in Drawings with Sub Assemblies

Question asked by Patrick Mueller on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by Patrick Mueller

Hey, I am creating some assembly drawings and I am running into an issue. I can't get a custom property to fill in a balloon for components within a sub assembly. I have it working in a different assembly drawing but this new one will not comply. Not sure what the difference is. Both have the same set up with assemblies/subassemblies/components. They both contain the same Custom Property information.


It goes


Assembly: E1 - WE A

Sub assembly: E1 - WE A - BSH A+20mm

Component: US_CH20_3507


I'd like to attach a balloon to the component and use the custom property "Position" to get the number "3507" to show up inside the balloon


A different Drawing is laid out as follows


Assembly: E2 - Sidewall A

Sub assembly: E2 - Sidewall A - BSH A+20mm

Component: US_CH20_0372


This one I can put balloons on every component and get the custom property I need.


I already read that SW does not handle attaching balloons to sub assemblies well and pulling component information but I am puzzled as to why it works in one scenario but not in a different one (That I believe to be identical.)