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Realistic Patent Drawings

Question asked by Ggefe Gefefe on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by John Burrill

Is there an option, plug-in or a macro, that can add technical shadowing to a 3D model? When we rotate teh model there is an algorithm that shines light on it from certain angle and this creates a natural shadowing effect. Is there a way to do these:


1) Change the angle or position of light to view drop shadow at different angles without rotating the 3D model, but rather rotate the light around it?


2) Convert that shadow into technical mode, so the shadow will be in a form or a pattern lets say, dots, hatch fill, lines....


3) Is there a way to incorporate transparency as well, so teh dropped shadow hatch fill is semi transparent


4) Is there a way to leave out the external lines of a 3D model as visuals but the inner lines that are cross section, guide curves, are nto visible and of course combining it with hatch fill shadow effect.


The objective is not to use 2D drawing option but rather rotate it based on desired visual effect and then snap pictures of the screen.


attaching example of a foot,  leg, you can see the shadowing is not correct, too much gray and not distinctive enough between white and black.