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Discussion created by Teyfik Eren Erez on Jun 7, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I would you like to share my free add-in. You can find all how to use video in my youtube channel.


You can look at first video.


You can download the program from attached file.


Program have 3 module. Part, Assembly and Drawing. 


Part Module:

-Select Contour: You can select inside all contour with this command. (Part and Assembly can be use)

-Delete C. Property: You can delete all custom property in part. (Configuration or custom option)

-Break Toolbox: You can break toolbox relationship easily.

-R. Apparence: Remove all apperence in part.

-Delete All/Save All: You can save all configuration save  as part or delete all configuration in part.

-Save DXF: You can save all configuration save as dxf(Just only sheet metal part)

-Batch Save Option: You can  save as Parasolid, Iges, Step format all parts in folder


Assembly Module:

-Save Isometric: You can save isometric view all component in assembly.

-Save 3D PDF: You can save as 3D PDF all component in assembly.

-Update: You can force rebuilt all configuration part and assembly.

-Delete C. Property: You can delete all custom property in assembly. (Configuration or custom option)

-D. Sub-assembly: Disolve all sub-assembly in assembly.

-Assing new material all parts in assembly.(you can assign different material and use company material library)

-Assing new unit type all component in assembly.


Drawing Module:

-Drawing Template Switcher: You can change all drawing template (you can use different template for A3, A4 etc.)

-Batch save options: You can  save as JPEG, DXF, DWG, PDF format all drawings in folder.


If you have more detail how to use. Please check my youtube channel how use TEE macro video.


Thanks Eren.