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How do I make a cylindrical attachment (like a ferrule)??

Question asked by Neveda Naz on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by Carrie Ives

I need to make a connector that will be be placed flat over a device  and the top of the cone feature will ideally not have have a point but be flat with a 1mm diameter hole where a thin metal tube will be placed into it. I so far have managed to make a cone shape but I have no idea how to remove the point on it. I also want to add ridges to the surface so that pipe tubing bringing the metal capillary tube will be able to fit over snugly without slipping off. I'm finding it hard to work with curved geometry and not sure what to do. Here is the file of what I have done so far and also an image of how I see this cone shape eventually sitting. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.