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2019 Lost Functionality: Automatic Balloon Link to BOM

Question asked by Bret MacKie on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by Bret MacKie

My company makes CNC layout drawings using the following workflow: drop an assembly into a drawing, insert BOM, then open all components from the BOM (RT click on bom row, use open command, this ensures the link stays active). Once all of the components are open,  we hit "Model View" to place the component views one by one onto on the drawing. (See below drawing) We then drop balloons onto the views. Previously, in Solidworks 2016, 2017, and 2018, the balloon would read their BOM order; they would be linked to the BOM with the correct BOM number so long as the part was opened from the BOM.  Starting in 2019, along with all of the other BOM related bugs plaguing us designers, this functionality suddenly quit working.   Now we have to manually go into the properties of each view, hit the "Link balloon text to specified table" button for each view.  This adds 5 minutes per drawing.    My company took some hits to productivity when we suddenly had to start linking views to BOM manually.  We want this functionality back. Why on earth solidworks would remove a functionality that designers, however few there might be using it depend on, is beyond me.  I hear nothing on the interwebs about it, and wonder if anyone else ever used this functionality and what they do now to get around it. Is there a macro? Can the macro be used that was created to get around the infamous SP1 bug that gave us the empty BOM dropdown list?   I need a way to select every view on the sheet and check the "Link balloon text to specified table" for each one. Even a batch select function would be a godsend.  Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.