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Help for animation

Question asked by Nicolò Bernareggi on Jun 6, 2019

Hi everybody!
I need your help because I'm trying to do an animation but, cause the large assembly (see spec attached), is it all very slow! Change mates, change viewpoint is always a very long operation! I need to do at least 3/4 minutes of video and now I'm at only 20seconds (where for 15 sec are only a viewpoint change....the other 5 are mate changes!!!!
To save the video it takes more than 1 hour! Heeelllpppp!!!

I don't understand if it could be a hardware problem or an assembly problem!
This is my workstation configuration:
- Intel Xeon CPU E5-1650 v3@3.5 GHz
- Nvidia Quadro P4000
- Ram :32GB

It could be a hardware problem in your opinion? if it is what I can do to improve the situation?
I need to be faster, also for only a short preview, or a mate changes!

Another thing that I've thought that could make the video realization slower is the reloading of all the assembly...ho can I make it faster?

Thanks in advance for your help!