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Balloon Formatting Error: Part Specific

Question asked by Max Rodgers on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by Max Rodgers

Hi All,


I've been having a really funky error with annotation balloons in my assembly.  I have made multiple assemblies similar to this one, and had no issues with ballooning (in fact when I first made this assembly I put some balloons on and it worked fine); however, whenever I try to put some balloons onto the assembly the actual balloon portion is incredibly small, and not centered around the balloon text even remotely.  I've attached this video to hopefully better explain this situation.  To be more clear, this is only happening for this assembly, all other assemblies are working fine.  Is there a setting that got changed around for some reason?  Are there any workarounds for this or am I SOL?  Unfortunately, I won't be able to upload the full assembly due to IP issues, hopefully we can figure this out regardless!  Thanks!