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Macro for multiple holes transferable to different parts/profiles

Question asked by Alec Gibson on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by Luke Malpass



I'm new to macros and am trying to get my head around them.


I've tried to start with a simple recording to create 2 extruded holes but it keeps wanting to go into debug mode after asking to dimension the first hole. Can I get some assistance/pointers as to what I am doing wrong?


I am constructing them using a construction line, then splitting the construction line, adding an "equal" constraint and using this as the point to form the circles. I'd like to then run this macro on a different (but similar) part and it to cut-extrude the holes with the constraints recorded on the Macro.


What I'm hoping to achieve in the future is to be able to create macros for 2,4,6 etc equi-spaced holes on a relatively simple flat surface.


Once I can suss that out/where I am going wrong I'd then like to be able to do tabs etc, if indeed this is possible?

Thanks in advance, I've attached my falling over macro.