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Cannot re-apply cavity after editing

Question asked by Molly Galvin on Jun 5, 2019

Just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this issue and may have a fix. When I am editing a cavity feature that is within a part in an assembly (issue persists both when editing part within assembly and when editing part on its own) I can edit the cavity, change whats in it, etc. but when I click the check mark the property manager disappears, but the check and x still stay in the upper right corner. It allows me to click on the x to cancel the cavity, but no matter how many times I click on the check, it will not apply the feature.


I believe this may have something to do with external references, but even when I break external references for the cavity and try to add un-broken references it still fails. The only option that seems to work is inserting a new cavity feature, but as references are sometimes created from the original cavity it isn't the ideal solution.


Unfortunately, this pertains to models from my work so I am unable to attach files, but if more information is needed I'd be happy to try and answer to the best of my ability.


Thanks in advance!


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