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SW engrg stimulus installation

Question asked by Jonathan Buesing on Apr 7, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2009 by Ron Botkin
I found this forum but it seems strange that there are posts from a long time ago when the "stimulus package" is new.
Anyway, here goes the question; (I'm a user but not an IS person)
Solidworks seems to be working fine but I have about 20 new icons and file folders on my desktop.

These include 6 checkFile.... icons
5 windows file folders; SWWI, Edrawings, dwgeditor,sldim,prereqs

Does all this stuff need to be kept on my desktop? I even went through the repair installation, and activation of the 90 day count. All the items are still there.

I installed a 30 day demo of SW in the past from CD's and only had 3 SW's "Cube" icons when done.