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Drawing crash

Question asked by Jerome De San Nicolás on Jun 4, 2019
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I have a problem with new brand new SolidWorks install. (I'm making tests with SW 2019SP03 on one computer before updating all the design office)

The soft work well in the part, assembly and sketch environment, but every time I open or create a new drawing it crash.


The graphic card CPU going wild, and the soft dose not respond :



Some time I got a nice frenglish message (hon hon) :




this are my spec : 


- SW 2019 SP03

- Inter Xeon CPU 1630v3 3.7GHz

- Nvidia Quadro K4200

- 16Go ram

- Win 10 x64 Pro


and this is what I have tried : 


- Update the last graphic card drivers : crash (but weirdly, the Rx still say that the driver is outdated.....)

- Run in safe mode : crash

- Open in lightweight : crash

- Open file via local or network : crash

- Try other templates : crash

- Reboot 1e5 time : crash


Before reinstalling, do you guys have an idea ?